Events at the Hacienda

Small events may be allowed for your group enjoyment. Contact us to find out more.  You may also reach us at +1 (888) 755-5533.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a 3-night minimum for booking the property?
Yes. There's a two-night minimum if you just want to stay there and a three-night minimum for any event hosted at the property. It's not worth it to us (because of all the extra work and wear-and-tear on the property) to host events when we would sell the two nights, anyway. The event fee barely covers our costs. So, we'd rather rent it for just people staying the night. If we're going to host an event and put in all the extra effort, it has to be worth our while.

2. Is the rental fee and the event fee separate?
Yes.  The three-night's rental fee just reserves the property and gives you the privilege of hosting the event. The event contract and fee is totally separate. It's a flat $40/45 per person, depending on your catering situation. That includes tables, chairs, setup, and tear-down service, and a house manager for logistical support related to your event before and on the day of your wedding. It's not a wedding day-of coordinator, but they will be at the house during your event to make sure vendors are supported logistically and as a resource to answer questions about and held with the house. On our side, that helps cover additional event insurance, our staff's time, additional cleaning at check out, additional wear-and-tear on the property, and additional trash collection.

3. May I see a sample Event Contract?
Yes. You may download a sample copy here .

Guest-Produced Videos

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